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Chapter 23 – Jacqueline’s Haunted House

It was June 11, the last day of school.

Principal Headcrusher announced to every class:

“As a special treat on the last day of school, Jacqueline has decided to let us all take a tour of the haunted house she has built in the school yard, which she just finished this very morning.”

As you may recall, Jacqueline is my eight-year-old sister. She spent the entire school year building a haunted house for me so I’d have a place to live. Nobody believed that a haunted house built by an eight-year-old girl could be all that scary, but they were in for the biggest surprise of their lives.

The house looked amazing, just like a real haunted mansion—towering, dark, and eerie. No one would have ever believed that an eight-year-old girl, without any special powers, could have built it all by herself.

As soon as it was recess, Ms. Fangs’ class bolted out of the classroom and ran as fast as they could to the haunted house. Jacqueline was waiting for them at the front door. She has curly, light brown hair, which sometimes looks blond depending on the light.

In a soft, squeaky voice, Jacqueline told everyone to take off their shoes before entering.

As Ms. Fangs’ class entered the house, they had no idea what was in store for them. As it turned out, they could never have guessed what was inside even if they had a million guesses.

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